I'm Eating What?! Mexico Offers a Mango Surprise With Boing!

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boing bottle.jpg
Photos by Eric Barton
Most of us probably know very little about Mexican bottled drinks that don't come with a lime wedge sticking out of the top.

There's Jarritos, but while they come in a Wilton Manors flag's worth of colors, they're rock-candy sweet.

And then there's Boing! Mango, one rocking fruit drink from South of the Border.

Honestly, Boing! ended up in my basket at a Honduran market simply because of the goofy name and the bottle's silly mascot pictured below -- a Joe Camel-looking construction worker slamming a bottle of Boing! with muscles fully flexed.

boing close-up.jpg

I was expecting something as sweet at Jarritos, but even the smell gave away more of a fruity scent -- more like that fermented aroma of overripe mangoes.

It washes down more like a sports drink, thin and refreshing. Unlike most fruit drinks, there's no apple or pear or some crap to water down the fruit it's supposed to taste like -- just 15 percent mango pulp, which requires a serious shake to mix in.

boing cap.jpg
Who should drink this? I'm picturing Mexican soccer players wanting a quick jolt of sugar but not wanting to guzzle down a kid-friendly Jarritos. Or better yet: Someone with a bottle of vodka and in need of a mixer.

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