South Florida Jewish Food Festival: A Likely Place for Fine Kugel

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Photo by Flickr user marilyn819

If there's one dish that symbolizes Jewish food, it's the kugel. Sure, the matzo ball is better known, and a well-baked brisket can just about revive the dead. But the kugel is everything good Jewish cooking ought to be -- simple comfort food cooked in one dish.

If you've never had a good kugel, it's an eggy casserole either served as a side dish with stuff like potatoes and ground vegetables or made sweet and served as dessert. You're likely to find a good kugel this Sunday at the first South Florida Jewish Food Festival. Also called Nosh Fest, it's being held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Temple Beth Emet in Cooper City.

Ask for the kugel.

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