Paradiso Ristorante Serves Up Rare White Truffles

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IIf you've ever been tempted to plunk down a hundred bucks an ounce for truffles, you know there's a pressure that comes with such a purchase, because the rest of the dish better hold up to that exorbitant purchase.

Chef Angelo Romano at Paradiso Ristorante in Lake Worth hopes to help with a special one-time menu titled Piemonte, Tartufo & Vino, which will pair truffles with food and wine.

The event will be held from 6:30 to 9:30 the night of December 10 and will feature white truffles from Alba, France.

The cost is $180 a person, with tax and tip. For reservations, call 561-547-2500 or book online here.

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ok 2 yrs ago these (white truffles like things)started to grow in my yard ,i have looked up white truffles and they are dead on lookin and have a earthy odor to them like the truffles..i do have a pecan tree  in my yard ...just would like to know if thats what they are white truffles ,,i have photos of them..was just wondering if anyone could give me some kind of feedback thanks

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