Johnny V's Duck Meatballs Deserved Better

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From YOLO's Facebook page
The tasty-yet-crazy-messy meatballs on YOLO's sliders took second.
A few days have passed since YOLO's Moonlight, Meatballs, and Martinis event last Thursday, and I'm still blown away by the judging results. It wasn't who won -- Noodles Panini took first, followed by YOLO at second, and Mancini's at third.

But what I couldn't believe: Johnny V's didn't even place.

I say this knowing that we panned Johnny V's most recent opening, Smith & Jones. Still, those meatballs were fantastic. They were made from duck meat and then fried to create a nice crust, then laid on portobella mash, with a berry reduction over the top.

A source at YOLO says the panel of judges didn't appreciate the richness of duck meatballs. And no doubt the combination isn't a crowd pleaser like the red sauce-topped meatballs at every other stand. But I'm not alone in wondering how they didn't finish and in wondering why Johnny Vinczencz doesn't put these things on his menu.

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