Craig "Pizza Expert" Agranoff on CBS 12 News

CBS 12 News did a segment last night featuring South Florida's own Craig "the Pizza Expert" Agranoff, the man behind the pizza review website Reporter Emily Pantelides and "Really Big Stud" cameraman Chad tagged along with the Expert (or Lapp, as he's known in certain circles) on a visit to Authentic Brooklyn Pizza in Boca Raton and asked him what makes the perfect pie. Lapp, of course, has a bigger list of reasons longer than Congress'1000-page health care bill. Hey, he is an expert.

A few months ago, Lapp and I went on a pizza crawl of our own. I've also been to Authentic Brooklyn with him, and I concur: Tony makes a mean slice. (Find it at 1365 W. Palmetto Park Rd.)

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