Restaurant News: The Green Gourmet Coming to Delray, Lunch for Under $10, Dumb 'n' Dumpster

Don't dumpster dive if you're drowzy. Details after the jump.

•    Good for you, good for the environment. That's the idea behind Joey Giannuzzi's The Green Gourmet, a planet and palate-friendly meals-to-go market slated to open in West Delray in late September or early October. Formerly chef at Henry's in Delray, Giannuzzi will be dishing contemporary American comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all with an emphasis on organic, natural and sustainable ingredients. Lots of stuff for vegetarians and vegans too. The same philosophy will extend to the market itself, with energy-efficient kitchen equipment, recycled materials used in construction and biodegradable packaging.

•    Let's see, Wall Street gets a billion-gazillion dollars of your money in a stimulus package, you get lunch for under $10 at CityPlace. Well, it's better than nothing. As part of the West Palm retail-residential complex's 1909 Founders Package, a number of restaurants are offering cheapie lunch specials. (NOTE: Go here, print out the page and submit it to the restaurant if you want to take advantage of any of these.) At Brewzzi, any two items off its Lunch Stimulus list go for $8.95; at Cheeburger Cheeburger you can get two burgers and small fries for $9.09; Kona Grill is offering "Perfect Pairings" of salads, soups, sandwiches and sushi for $8.75; at Mamma Che Buono you can get any panino you want plus a cappuchino for $9.09. (You gotta register on their website first, though.) .

•    From the Stoopid File. Someone named Kevin Hallaran gave a whole new meaning to dumpster diving when he fell asleep inside one of the big garbage bins behind a Tampa restaurant. As usually happens, the bin got picked up and dumped into a garbage truck early in the morning. . . with Hallaran still inside. The truck crew apparently heard Hallaran banging on the sides and screaming for help, so they called cops and paramedics to get him out. Luckily, they heard him before activating the truck's compactor, which would have really ruined the dumbfuck's morning. Think about that next time your alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m.

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