How Sweet It Isn't: The Splenda Controversy

Sugar Queens keepin' it real
If you're one of the ten bazilion Americans currently spending your free time glued to this season of The Biggest Loser (I confess! I'm right there with you!) and planning to diet your way through 2009 along with Tara and Filipe (my personal faves), chances are you've considered using sugar-free products as a way to control those late-night hot-fudge sundae binges. 

Think again, my friends. A study published in late September of last year by Duke University researchers found that the sugar substitute Splenda, found in a host of low-sugar and sugar-free foods, has issues. Like, for example, it may destroy the "good" bacteria in your intestines (you know, the ones you've desperately tried to promote by eating lots of yogurt?) -- the bacteria that helps keep you free of intestinal ailments. Splenda may also prevent certain medications from being absorbed, like AIDS drugs and chemo. Lastly, and most ironically, Splenda may actually CONTRIBUTE to obesity rather than helping you lose weight. The report was published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Read more about the findings hereCitizens for Health is petitioning the FDA to do a full review.  

For a full list of grocery products containing Splenda, go here.

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