Fair Food, Latin Style

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Fruit and veg, for display only

The pretty display of fruits and veg courtesy of La Reina supermarkets was the only healthy food you were gonna get a look at Saturday at Lake Worth's Hispanic Fest. Otherwise the groove was decidedly meat-centric.



The Puerto Ricans at Sofrito Grill had hacked up a whole pig and were smoking big chunks of that sucker


along with all the fixins for pigeon peas and rice: chorizo, red pepper, onion, spices (that's the "sofrito")

then chopping them up to serve great $8 plates of asada with the crackly, charred skin still on

and also a delicious, spicy chicken so tender and juicy it was like an invitation to expatriate. There were mojitos to wash it all down with (not pictured).

Other areas of the world were also represented, though their relation to "Hispanic" were tenuous. Maybe they'd married into the family. I'd like to hire this guy to cater my next party.

They were grilling steak


and serving escovitche fish


the arepa man was here too, making latin-flavored "gyros"

out of sausages and chopped steak and mountains of grilled peppers and onions

we finished the day with the Latin version of the donut, long, thin churros from the "Mr. Churros" machine -- the girl who showed us said the stuff was "like play-doe", only way tastier


Crunchy and sugar coated outside, hot and gooey within. Then everybody danced off the pig meat and rum runners to a Guatemalan band. These guys really know how to feed a fair-going crowd.

-- Gail Shepherd

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