Due South Brewing Company in Boynton Beach Adds Food Trucks and Brewery Tours

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The folks at Due South Brewing Company in Boynton Beach discovered that hosting food trucks every Friday night was such a good idea, that they decided to have them on the weekends too.

From 5 p.m. 'til 9:30 p.m. this Saturday, On The Slide will be the first food truck on scene with its gourmet tacos and grilled hamburgers. 

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Zona Fresca in Pompano Beach Sticks to the Formula

All photos - Tricia Woolfenden
The grilled veggie burrito at Zona Fresca.
When sitting down with a grilled veggie burrito earlier this week at the third and newest Zona Fresca restaurant (located in Pompano Beach), I was reminded of New Times' writer Stefan Kamph's recent declaration that burritos are "not for women." While the burrito in front of me wasn't an exact approximation of a "swaddled newborn," it was indeed close enough to being "head-sized" that I had to throw in the napkin about halfway through. The burrito wins this time, but I demand a rematch.

Gigantic portions are a hallmark of a Zona Fresca meal, as seems to be the case with most fast-casual Cali-Mex restaurants. With nothing topping $10 on the menu -- which includes burritos, tacos, salads, and other specialties, like taquitos -- it's hard to argue the value of the meal. The Zona Fresca formula has drawn a steady following in Fort Lauderdale and Plantation, and time will tell if the new location in north Broward attracts the same level of fan loyalty.

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Valentine's Day for Cheapskates: Six Places for a Low-Cost Date in Broward and Palm Beach

Marta Crowe via Flickr Creative Commons
Cheapskates deserve love, too.
Ahhh, Valentine's Day. The quintessential Hallmark Holiday, invented to divest coupled folks of hard-earned cash (in turn for typically meaningless trinkets) and to remind singles of how sad they should be about being alone on during this most wondrous day of the year. 

As baffling as Valentine's Day seems -- so few people seem to treasure it, and yet our ambivalence only makes it grow stronger -- it can be difficult to ignore if you are in a relationship.

What to do if you're on a budget or your convictions make it physically impossible for you to spring big bucks on a fancy-schmancy table at a low-lit restaurant on Las Olas? Why, the cheapskate date, of course! There is a bonus to choosing a low-rent dining destination on February 14 as well. It's the less obvious choice, so you're bound to miss the onslaught of amateur-night diners who flock to restaurants on holidays like V-Day and Mother's Day. 

After the jump, find six very affordable options for Valentine's Day dates in Broward and Palm Beach counties. We can't promise you that treating your date to a meal at any of these places will increase your odds in the bedroom, but it is unlikely that they'll leave you holding a declined credit card (which certainly wouldn't help your chances). 

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Food Trucks Rolling Out to Support Denali Family Fun Day in Palm Beach Gardens Saturday, Oct. 8

Out of Many, one of several food trucks participating in the Denali Family Fun Day.
​Good food for a good cause. 

That's one of the ideas behind the Denali Family Fun Day fundraising event taking place in Palm Beach Gardens tomorrow. 

The day has been custom-designed for Denali, a ten-year-old boy battling a rare form of pancreatic cancer. 

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Forget Man vs. Food: Try The Perro Huevon at La Perrada Del Gordo in West Palm Beach

Nicole Danna
La Perrada Del Gordo specializes in Colombian fare

La Perrada Del Gordo sits in the back corner of a secluded shopping center off Military Trail in West Palm Beach, near invisible save for neon glowing signs hovering above the door and in the window. 

Here, my Colombian friend explains, is where you'll find the Perro Huevon -- 
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Ra Sushi's Summer Cocktail Recipes

RA Summer Drinks Group.jpg
All photos courtesy RA Sushi
RA Sushi's new summer drink collection - try them at the restaurant or make them at home.
​RA Sushi has created three refreshing summer cocktails that pair perfectly with their sushi for a delicious cool meal when the heat index soars through the roof.

The cocktails are created with south Florida in mind and include a coconut mojito, key lime martini and an orange dreamsicle. These tropical libations are $8 each and available at RA Sushi in Pembroke Pines and Palm Beach Gardens through September 5th.

If you're an amateur bartender, impress your friends by making them at home with the following recipes:

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RA Sushi

Gyroville: Casual, Fast Greek Now in Boca Raton

Nicole Danna
The Poseiden, grilled Cajun mahi-mahi, gyro-style.
Everyone deserves a chance to eat like a god.

And your chance has come in the form of Gyroville, the expanding South Florida Greek restaurant chain from owner, founder, and executive chef Lambros Kokkinelis.

He's even named his "fast, fresh" menu items after Zeus, Hera, and Athena, giving you god-like food at an affordable price -- something you mere mortals can certainly appreciate.

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Thursday: Buy One Entree, Get One Free at Tijuana Flats

Categories: $10 Lunch
tijuana flats.jpg
With a comic-like interior and a 14-pump hot sauce bar -- I would not know where to start. 

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Deal of the Day: The Jerk Chicken Club Sandwich from Out of Many Food Truck in West Palm Beach

Nicole Danna
The jerk chicken sandwich from the Out of Many Food Truck
​Last month, Charlie stopped by the Out of Many food truck in West Palm Beach to see what o
wners Haiz Miller and Damian Phillips had to offer.

At the time, the truck was fresh-out of its most popular dish -- the $6 jerk chicken club sandwich with fries. To find out what was causing this local feeding-frenzy, we had to head back for a taste of our own. 

Here's the deal...

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Four "Crazy" Buffet Lunch Deals in West Palm Beach

Nicole Danna
Rachel's, a five-star steak house, features prime rib during its Wednesday buffet.
​See this steak? Not something you'd expect from a lunch buffet line, right?

These days, your typical lunch buffet means Pizza Hut's $10 special or a China Buffet line a mile long (with a bathroom line to match). 

But if you visit Rachel's of West Palm Beach (the steak house part, that is) on Wednesday -- when they have their "prime rib special" buffet -- you'll get just that: a juicy piece of meat for just $5 (yes, we're still talking steak here).

Although not all buffets offer such delectable dishes, it's worth mentioning the few that do. 

Read on to find out where you can get an amazing lunch deal, buffet-style:
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