Lilo's Offers Alfresco-Only Dining Off Atlantic Avenue

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Nicole Danna
A family-run eatery has moved into the former E&J's Sandwich Shop space off Atlantic Avenue, but it's not your average breakfast, lunch and dinner spot. Instead, think of Lilo's Garden as the only true alfresco dining option in downtown Delray Beach.

At Lilo's, you don't wait in line for a table. You just wait in line. It's a fast-casual concept, without the fast-casual feel -- a fitting addition to the downtown scene amid the rows of upscale, sit-down establishments.

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First Look: Colombian Food at Los Parceros in West Palm Beach

Nicole Danna
The Los Parceros burger with two tostones "buns."
When you think of Colombian food in South Florida, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Colombian fast food -- those overstuffed hot dogs and hamburgers with every topping known to man (and then some). And you'd be correct; The Colombians have taken these simple American eats and turned them into edible masterpieces, piled with a colorful collage of ketchup, mayonnaise, rosada and salsa piƱa -- the essential pineapple puree -- all atop boiled hot dogs and hamburger patties finished with cheese, potato chips, bacon and shredded beef or chicken.

But finding truly authentic Colombian fare north of Dade County -- especially in Palm Beach -- isn't easy. Now, it doesn't have to be thanks to Los Parceros, a restaurant named for the Colombian slang term that roughly translates to amigo -- but more like your "partner in crime" type amigo. Here, the partners in crime would be co-owners Amanda Olmstead and Karina Patino, who opened Los Parceros early last year, just off the Florida Turnpike at the Okeechobee exit. Together, they offer traditional Colombian fare, from the familiar empanadas and tostones, to more culture-specific dishes like aborrajado, salchipapa, rellenitos and a family recipe for bandeja paisa.

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Meat and More at Pompano's Mexican Supermarket

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
This is the good stuff.
You're unlikely to spot the simply named Mexican Supermarket while speeding down Atlantic Boulevard. It's on the backside of yet another Broward County strip mall, requiring you to turn your head at least 90 degrees to catch a glimpse.

If you do see it you'll know where to go next time you need dried ancho chilies or uncured pork belly, however you'll find much more than that.

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Executive Chef Andre Lane on Tanzy's New $10 Lunch Club

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Thumbnail image for tanzygemellipasta.jpg
The Gab Group
On average Americans spend more than $2,700 on dining out annually. That's no small number when the median household income is $51,404.

Whether it's due to laziness, inability to cook, or just too much happening, American's eating habits are keeping restaurants full -- hey, consider it your donation to the economy.

To help lighten the load on patron's wallets, Tanzy recently started up a $10 lunch club with a wide selection of dishes for -- you guessed it -- just 10 bucks.

We spoke to corporate executive chef of iPic entertainment, Andre Lane to get the details.

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New Fast Food Concept PDQ Now Open in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale

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The PDQ crispy chicken sandwich.
A new fast food concept has extended its reach to South Florida, starting with two locations including Fort Lauderdale and the newly opened West Palm Beach restaurant

Known as PDQ -- which stands for "People Dedicated to Quality" -- the concept is simple: fresh food served fast, and in a high-end setting. The original chain location opened its doors in Cornelius, North Carolina in 2009. At the time, it was known as Tenders. As the concept grew, the name was changed to PDQ, the first of which opened in Tampa in 2011.

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Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics: Eat the Teams Today at Coco's Corner Cafe

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Sebastian Dominguez
Heat or Celtics? It's one tasty decision.
Are you a Heat fan? Sure, that questions sounds easy, but since many south Floridians come from the northeast, there could, potentially, be just as many Boston Celtics fans out there.

Look around you and put your conspiracy theory goggles on. Didn't the guy in accounting run the Boston Marathon once? And your boss once ordered some Boston clam chowder for lunch last month, didn't she....

Want to settle this once and for all? Don't wait until tonight's game. Challenge them to a lunchtime dog-off at Coco's Corner Cafe, located inside the Cornerstone office park (DHL headquarters) at 1210 S. Pine Island Road in Plantation.

Chef/owner Sebastian Dominguez has created a special Heat vs. Celtics dog combo where you can eat your way through both teams.

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Haifa to Hallandale: Falafel Benny's Got the Best Balls

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Falafel Benny.
Through Falafel Benny's narrow, squat entrance was a room of mostly men yelling at each other in thick Israeli accents.

"How is the falafel?" owner Benny Regev gregariously bellowed at customers halfway through their lunch. He tried to buy some of his regulars' meals. Some accepted, and others slammed a few bills down on the counter and walked out.

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Urban Rustic Bagel: Little Tel Aviv in Hallandale

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Zachary Fagenson
Order at the counter or at your seat.
South Florida's sizable Jewish community is no secret. The same goes for the community's food.

Urban Rustic Bagel, just off I-95 at Stirling Road, isn't exactly a Jewish deli, but with Israeli owner Shlomo Rozen and chef Gai Bessif - the former from Haifa and the latter Yafo - the Jewish Connection is there.

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Chapultepec Mexican Restaurant in Hallandale: Cheap Beer and Slow-Roasted Meats

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All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Chapultepec doesn't look like much from the outside.
Tucked behind an empty lot with anemic-looking trees, you can barely see Chapultepec while flying down Hallandale Beach Boulevard. Yet it's there, and it's a Mexico-Aztec-Incan oasis replete with cheap beer and slow-roasted meats stuffed inside everything from corn tortillas to tamales.

The restaurant's name is deep-rooted in history. Chapultepec Park is a massive green space in the center of Mexico City, the largest city park in the western hemisphere. In the fall of 1847 American forces defeated those of Mexico's during the Battle of Chapultepec, holding a historic castle of the same name in western Mexico City.

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A First Look: Former Playboy Mansion Chef Owner of Das Dog in Jupiter Where They Serve Deluxe Dogs and German Style Fare

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Das Dog Jupiter
The Das Chicago 
Hot dogs aren't just hot dogs at Das Dog in Jupiter. They're gourmet dogs.

Das Dog first opened in the Abacoa Town Center in May 2011, where it began with a short menu of just several specialty hot dogs featuring fun, creative toppings.

The spot was an instant hit with the locals, so brothers David and Jeret Schroeder decided to open a second location in the Bluffs Square Shopping Center in Jupiter just nine months later, expanding the menu  from around five options to just over 20 gourmet-style dogs.

"We started with just a few dogs, but we realized people are just as crazy about toppings and choices as we are," said David Schroeder, who devised a menu that would cover more flavors and a larger selection of meats.

So what makes these dogs gourmet? Perhaps Schroeder's seven-year stint as a chef who has graced the kitchens at The Ritz Carlton in Coconut Grove and a more famous grotto -- the Playboy Mansion -- during a one-year stint as Hugh Hefner's personal chef.

So what brought him back to his hometown of Jupiter to open a hot dog shop?

"It's something that my brother and I have always loved," Schroeder told Clean Plate Charlie. "There were a few places in the area that you could get a hot dog, but not the type we like. We love crazy toppings and dressing, so we thought we'd just do it ourselves."

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