Sriracha Addicts, Grab Your Water: Top Three Rooster-Flavored Foods

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A. Scattergood
Most food items don't make it into the news regularly -- unless, of course, you're Twinkies and life as you've known it for half a century is about to end, then unceremoniously come back again.

Sriracha, the most beloved hot sauce across the universe, on the other hand, is constantly popping up on fans' feeds; it's burning people's sinuses and the factory has to be shut down one day; it's been pardoned by a judge the next.

The Rooster is making headlines once again. San Jose-based catering company Moveable Feast just announced its plans for an Electronic Sriracha Festival, a celebration of all things sriracha and EDM.

While we're not sure what to make of this -- is it awesome or terrible? -- we've decided to compile a list of the three best foods flavored with the best chili sauce ever known to man.

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Bull Market and Chow: Dueling Gastropubs in Downtown Lauderdale

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Sara Ventiera
Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers at Bull Market

Every seven minutes, the ticker moves up or down.

Lagunitas Little Sumpin, up 5 percent to $5.80, with a daily high of six bucks. Orange Blossom Draft, down 50 cents to $7.18. Silver Tequila, down 9 percent to $6.40, its lowest price of the evening.

Illuminated all around Bull Market, a gastropub in downtown Fort Lauderdale, are flat screens with an imitation news-channel logo, the place's emblem, and tickers highlighting rising and dropping prices on beer and spirits. It is based on supply and demand: The more a product is being sold, the more you pay. When demand decreases, so does the cost.

The goal is to offer guests a chance to sample craft beer, says John Todora, director of operations for the Creative Kitchen Group, owners of Bull Market and Whiskey Tango in Hollywood. "A lot of people are intimidated," says Todora. "Not everyone is going to shell out seven or eight bucks for a beer they're uncertain about."

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Three Cheeses for National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day

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The real sacrifice is what we put ourselves through for you, dear readers.

Sometimes, there are some things you just can't make up. Take for example "National Cheese Purchase Sacrifice Day." Aside from other websites that are equally as baffled by its origin as we are, the mysterious National Cheese Purchase Sacrifice Day seemingly aims to do a combination of the following things: relieve you of otherwise much-needed monies, rid your home of furry vermin, and continue the proliferation of ridiculous "holidays" that keep the greeting card industry zipping along at a racecar's pace.

Well, we here at Clean Plate Charlie seldom shy away from food trends, and in the interest of trying to enjoy this "holiday," we put in some R&D into today's blog. The basic rule for this food holiday is that you buy yourself a cheese and sacrifice it to a mousetrap. This is kind of morbid, and we wonder why the PETA people haven't launched a campaign against it.

Oh well, before we share our findings, we'd sure be a bunch of dicks if we didn't ask you to first consider volunteering and/or donating to Feeding South Florida and Hands On Broward before spending your dosh and wasting a perfectly good bit of food. It certainly is the right thing to do. Plus if you do have mice in your home, use peanut butter in your trap. It works better than cheese.

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Shmaltz Brewing Comes to Broward: Get Ready for Funky Jewddha

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Courtesy of Shmaltz Brewing
Meet Jeremy Cowan, founder of He'Brew beer.
Shmaltz Brewing Co., the Clifton Park-based beer company that specializes in delicious beers with tongue-in-cheek names like He'Brew -- the Chosen Beer and Funky Jewbelation, is coming to South Florida for two special "tribe-related" happy hours.

Shmaltz is teaming up with Funky Buddha for both events on Thursday, July 24, in what can only be described as a celebration of beer of all faiths and varieties. At both happy hours, you'll be able to meet Shmaltz founder Jeremy Cowan and taste a variety of beers from both Shmaltz and Funky Buddha. Best of all? The events are free and open to everyone.

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Cantina Laredo Debuts Five Dishes This Week

Ribs and fajitas.

What has passed off as "Mexican" cuisine in this country for so long has been an abject farce. Leave it to a certain fast food joint to try to homogenize an entire nation's food tradition into a simple-to-wrap, 30-item menu. Mexican food, real Mexican food, varies from state to state, maybe even from neighborhood to neighborhood. You could have an entire strip's worth of Mexican restaurants and never repeat an item in all the menus.

Cantina Laredo has never boasted itself as a definitive destination for all things Mexican, but as far as chain restaurants go, its modern take on Mexican cuisine has the right attitude. Sure, it's a little more expensive than that aforementioned chain with the dollar-disasters, but you do get a much more reputable serving of food.

Cantina Laredo's newest craze is a discovery of ribs, and as such, it will be debuting five dishes, three feature short ribs, at most of its restaurants. These will be available at the two locations in South Florida, Hallandale Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.

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Three Recipes to Indulge in for National Crème Brûlée Day, July 27


Consider the noble crème brûlée; in its individual ramekin, fortressed against the world with its flambéed shell of sugary glass jealously guarding the wholesome custard from thine whetted mouth. Ah... with the stamina such a dulcet surprise would promise one could be rather steadfast in the composing of poesies in the name of such a splendid and sweet end to any meal.

My father, a gentleman of jolly disposition and good breeding, in a bout of fancy took my family to France in the summer of my sixteenth year. A Francophile byproduct of French colonialism via Lebanon, my father is a French-speaker and lover of French culture and a gourmand of imposing knowledge and exemplary tastes.

On this trip we had the pleasure of lunching at the Au Pied de Cochon brasserie in les Halles, just a short skip from the Rue du Louvre. A fantastic meal by any standards and thoroughly French; slow and multi-layered. While I've never been one for sweets or rather, for ruining such savory splendors with the vulgarity of dessert, I was becoming rather annoyed by the old man's insistence that I "make room for dessert."

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South Florida Food & Drink Events This Week: Chef Challenges, Wine Tastings, and More

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Photo by Candace West
Take a break from your busy schedule this week to test your trivia skills, paint with a glass of wine, or dance the night away to live music after enjoying a three-course meal. Living in South Florida, there is always an opportunity to find entertainment, no matter the day of the week.

From trivia nights to social dinners that can provide a distraction and good time, here are the top events happening and Broward and Palm Beach counties this week.

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Barolo Ristorante: Authentic Italian Cuisine and Serious Wine in North Palm Beach

All photos courtesy
We love food around here.

Whether it's flavorful Vietnamese, seafood-centric Japanese, bold Peruvian, or classic French fare, we'll try just about anything -- and enjoy it as long as it's done properly.

That being said, some cuisines stand out. And it just so happens that Italian is one of our favorites. Full of flavor and completely unpretentious, Europe's boot offers a wide range of styles and ingredients, all of which we're more than happy to shove down our gullets. (No matter our current diet.)

North Palm Beach was recently received it's newest Italian resident. Barolo Ristorante offers a wide range of authentic Italian fare with a huge selection of wines to match.

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CityPlace Issues Eviction Notice to Blue Martini

Photo by Candace West

Well, here's a piece of advice to anyone who wants to open any kind of remotely trendy bar and/or eatery who doesn't particularly want to (a) succeed, (b) establish a "good" relationship with the landlord, and (c) appear in local news for the wrong reasons: Open a shop at CityPlace!

Last month, we reported on Brewzzi having continuing problems with the popular shopping center that started back in 2013 concerning the language of their lease agreements. The tit-for-tat lasted until earlier this month, when the mall evicted the award-winning brewery/restaurant and sent its employees to remove the signage and any trace of its existence. Brewzzi enjoyed 11 years of operation at CityPlace, and while marketing director Archie Stoltz found the proceedings "odd and unusual," they did try to work things out.

Well, things quite didn't work out for them, and now we are hearing the same song played on the dance floor, only this time CityPlace has a different dancing partner, Blue Martini.

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Humane Educator James Wildman Presents "101 Reasons to Go Vegan" Saturday

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If you poll a room full of vegans and ask what their reasons were for deciding on a diet free of animal products, you'll hear a laundry list of reasons.

Many times, it was the first time they made the connection that the cheery Old McDonald's Farm we recited as a kid was perhaps not as advertised and little more than propaganda sing-a-long for the meat and dairy industry.

Others would say it was the first time they made a connection with their companion animal and realized the potential hypocrisy of loving one animal but eating the other.

And other times, initial reasons for going vegan were far less altruistic but still valid - weight loss, better skin, the way to avoid a triple bypass surgery, the gateway to the fountain of youth, you saw Queen Bey and Jay Z do it for 30 days and wanted to give it a go, or you heard it was a way to combat impotency.

For Animal Rights Foundation of Florida's Humane Educator James Wildman, the goal of his work is not necessarily to get everyone to pledge a vegan diet (although, that would be awesome!), but to at the very least start to re-think what they are eating and get people to see that our diet is a learned behavior based on a cultural story (i.e. - you believe you need cow's milk to be healthy and strong because you have been hearing it 'does a body good' since birth).

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