Anthony Bourdain Drinks Butterbeer at Universal Studios

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Ottavia Bourdain via Instagram
How cute.
Anthony Bourdain might be an international traveler in constant search of his next great meal, but even this intrepid chef/writer/television host must succumb to the charms of Harry Potter.

And if you've been all around the world, where's the best place to spend your wedding anniversary -- which also happens to be 4/20 day?

The trippiest place on Earth, of course... the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure in Orlando!

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Chef/Owner Laurent Tasic of Sage French Cafe Opening Two New Concepts

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Gustavo Roja
For frequent visitors, it's no secret that Union Planters Plaza (the shopping center that houses Whole Foods Market and d.b.a./Cafe on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale) has been undergoing a major face-lift for the past year or so.

New shops and yoga studios have set up shop. And the former walkway has been turned into a patio with outdoor tables and grass.

One of the center's longest inhabitants, Laurent Tasic, chef/owner of Sage French Cafe, is taking advantage of the changes; he's currently working on two new concepts.

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Palcohol Approval Was an "Error"

Categories: Booze Hound

Mudd1 via wikimedia commons
Hold your white-powder-sniffing horses: The approval of powdered alcohol was a sham.

We know you were getting ready to drink your ready-to-go cosmos, lemon drops, and margaritas, but it looks like you'll have to get your drunk on the old-fashioned way -- for now.

Turns out the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau accidentally rubber-stamped label approval for the controversial product Palcohol.

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Miami-Based Wine in a Can Names Real Housewives Star Marysol Patton Brand as Ambassador

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World Red Eye
Real Housewives star Marysol Patton has been named Wine in a Can brand ambassador.
The next time you feel the urge to slug down a few glasses of wine Real Housewives of Miami-style -- especially since news broke the show has been officially canceled -- don't go for the bottle. Show a little restraint and grab a can of vino instead.

Yes, you read that right. A can. If beer seems too blah and liquor a little too serious, a can of wine just seems a little... well, easier. Luckily, it also got a little classier. Just ask Wine in a Can celebrity brand ambassador Marysol Patton, the Housewives reality-TV star who stands behind the creators of the portable beverage.

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Ommegang Hosting Beer-Oriented Cooking Competition With HopChef Miami

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Doug Fairall
Next Monday, April 28, Ommegang Brewery will host its third installment of a beer-oriented cooking competition called HopChef at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. This will be the first year that contest has come down to South Florida.

Through the creation of beer-infused dishes, chefs from around the area will compete to make their way to the Belgium Comes To Cooperstown festival, which occurs every year at the Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, New York.

Among the participants is chef Jason Pringle of db Bistro, who is himself a fan of craft beer. "I've been a homebrewer on and off for eight years, brewing one-gallon batches in my apartment in New York and wherever I was," he said. "Something like this was very exciting to participate in."

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Council Oak Steak & Seafood Restaurant at Hard Rock Hotel Now Serving Weekend Lunch

Categories: Restaurant News

Council Oak Steak and Seafood
Lunch should be a laid-back affair.

As much as we'd like to get out for a nice long lunch -- or even a sandwich -- during the week, it's not realistic with our crazy hectic workdays.

There are places where you really want to savor your meal -- you know, kick back with a glass of wine while indulging in decadent fare. You don't want to have to blow through your dining experience in a hurry -- you might as well go to Mickey D's.

But the next time you want to savor your noontime meal, you should know that Council Oak Steaks & Seafood at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino recently launched a new lunch on the weekend.

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An Evening With Stone Brewing's "Dr." Bill Sysak

Categories: Beer Beer Beer

Doug Fairall

Beer enthusiasts this past Wednesday flocked to Total Wine & More in Pembroke Pines to see a celebrity of the craft beer world in the flesh: "Dr." Bill Sysak.

His résumé is impressive: Having served as a combat medic in the Army National Guard, where he was given the "doc" moniker, he became interested in craft beer during the very early years nearly 37 years ago. Through the years, he has amassed a beer cellar that is considered one of the largest in the United States, with more than 2,500 bottles from more than 30 visits to Belgium and hundreds of trips around the beer world. Now, he's a certified cicerone and craft beer ambassador for Stone Brewing Co., organizing events such as Beer & Cigar Dinners, Sour Fest, Oakquinox, Stone Pour It Black, and Rare Beer Breakfast.

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A La Turca Gives Hollywood a True Taste of Turkish Cuisine

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All photos by
A La Turca serves authentic Turkish fare in downtown Hollywood.
Turkey is the only country in the world located on two continents, a bridge of sorts among Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, making it one of the world's true melting pots. And so it goes with the food, a commingling of many cuisines in one. With its roots in Ottoman culture, Turkish fare has developed into a unique fusion of Asian, Mediterranean, and Balkan flavors, with dishes varying from one region of the country to the next.

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Powdered Alcohol Is a Thing: No Snorting Necessary

Categories: Booze Hound

Mudd1 via Wikimedia Commons
In fact, don't. Do not snort it. Seriously. It's sad we have to say these things.

When it comes to powdery white substances, we tend to think flour, sugar, and, obviously, cocaine.

The former are plainly used for creating our favorite baked goods and pastries.

And the latter... well, you know what that's all about.

Turns out we're about to see our newest mind-altering white powder; it's supposed to cross the line between taste-bud sensation and a good buzz.

Palcohol, a powdered alcohol substance, was recently approved by the federal government, which means we're probably going to see a new trend of snorting yourself into alcohol poisoning. (This is why we can't have nice things.)

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Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar to Open at Sawgrass Mills: Now Hiring

Zinburger via Facebook.
Zinburger is coming to Sawgrass Mills.
Hungry shoppers will be able to take a much-needed wine and burger break when Zinburger opens at Sawgrass Mills' tony Colonnade Outlets area next month.

The restaurant chain has locations in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia and is set to take on South Florida. In addition to the Sawgrass Mills Zinburger, a Boca Raton restaurant is also in the works.

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